What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a medical practice revolving around the foot, ankle and lower extremities of the human body. This includes diagnosis studies as well as medical treatments and surgical procedures. Podiatrists are trained in many different fields, such as general medicine, physiology, sociological and psychological perspectives and pharmacology.

Podiatrists are qualified to treat foot and ankle diseases, able to treat many different types of foot care. Today, podiatrists do all of the following:

Surgery (surgical treatment of any conditions that affects the foot, ankle, etc. There are some podiatrists that can perform surgery that’s a lot less invasive, while others can perform a full reconstruction.)

Set fractures

Treat sports-related injuries

Prescribe medication

Take X-rays

Perform medical and physical exams

Prescribe custom-made shoes, as well as insoles

Sports medicine (This is a sub-specialty involving foot and lower limb problem diagnosis, as well as treatments like injection therapy and joint health) Sports medicine covers foot and lower limb injuries due to overuse and any mechanical performance enhancements that helps minimize injury.

When you should see a Podiatrist:

If you’re experiencing any of the below symptoms, it’s always wise to make an appointment with your local podiatrist. As with any medical issue, seeking attention at the start of the issue is always a wise choice.

1. Moderate or severe heel pain: Any kind of pain in this area should be given attention to by a podiatrist. This is an area that needs to be looked at and will probably be x-rayed when making your visit. This will rule out any possibility of injuries such as gout crystals and bone spurs.

2. Open sores: If the sore isn’t healing, you need to see a podiatrist. They can determine if it’s something that needs antibiotics to be treated.

3. Discomfort in toes and toenails: With toes, you may need arch supports or insoles that will help eradicate any pain you’re experiencing. With toenails, it’s a matter of making sure they’re trimmed or else they’ll get ingrown. This is for when people can’t reach their toenails or aren’t successful in properly trimming them.

4. Difficulty walking: These are very painful incidents, causing joint pain. This can sometimes be the result of gout.

5. Abnormal swelling: Any time you feel abnormal swelling in your foot or ankle, it can possibly be the result of an infection. Antibiotics will be required for treatment.

Always keep in mind that when any kind of pain in the area of the foot or ankle occurs, no matter how little, should always be seen by the best austin podiatrist. You won’t know what’s wrong until you get a professional exam. It’s important to take medical issues seriously and with a body part that you use to walk, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Get checked out and make sure you’re healthy.

Wedding Plans – Open Bar or Cash Bar?

Planning a wedding is usually not very easy especially when making decisions about what to offer and what to leave out. As much as the bride and groom may want to please all the invited guests, they also consider whether the amount of money spent for the wedding is reasonable. One of the tough decisions to make is whether to have an open vs. cash bar. Which one expresses proper wedding bar etiquette?

1. Open Bar” Most couples planning a wedding opt for an open bar because they want their guests to have everything they need at the wedding and enjoy themselves completely. Most guests also love the open bar because they do not have to worry about spending money. Additionally, they can get a variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, from the bar which means most of the guests will be satisfied, and can always provide more interesting wedding photos in austin texas.

As much as this is the most popular choice made by couples for their wedding, the cost factor also needs to be considered. If the guests are many and the funds are limited, then an open bar may not be the best choice. Additionally, other factors also need to be considered including the behavior of invited guests. If some are prone to overindulging in alcohol, then a terrible scene may occur which may draw attention away from the main events.

2. Cash Bar: For a cash bar, the guests will be required to pay for all their drinks whether they are alcoholic or not. This is a wise choice for those with a limited budget for the wedding. It saves costs which would have been a burden to the couple. Some guests may not be happy about the cash bar but it is not a necessity since food and everything else is being provided for free. It is also an advantage to have a cash bar as guests are easily controlled since they are not under the influence of alcohol.
Before settling for one of the two choices, consider the factors below.1. Background of the guests If alcohol is served, the background of guests needs to be considered as some of them may be sensitive or may be stumbled with the presence of alcohol. If an awkward situation may arise, it is best not to have an open bar.
2. Financial situation of invited guests If the financial situation of the guests is not good, then an open bar is the best choice if the couple can afford it.

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